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Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is needed when damage occurs to a tooth’s pulp. This can happen due to an injury or due to severe tooth decay. A root canal is often a dreaded procedure but is often the only alternative to having a tooth extracted. Root canals are also very effective at eliminating tooth pain.

While root canals treatment can take two or more appointments, the team at DentArtistry will work to make each appointment as comfortable as possible for you.


At DentArtistry, we believe strongly in practicing gentle dentistry. Our dentists will evaluate your tooth and determine if the issue was caused by cavities, a split tooth or root and if the nerve is in danger. Usually, if the nerve is damaged, it will require a root canal treatment.

The extent of the procedure and effectiveness will depend on how extensive the tooth damage is. During the root canal treatment, the area is assessed and then the damaged and/or dead pulp is removed and the area is then sealed.

What Happens After a Root Canal Treatment?

After a root canal treatment, you should consider having a porcelain crown put over the tooth as this will help prevent tooth breakage. This is especially helpful if extensive restoration was done, leaving a thin shell of a tooth. If pain, swelling, and other problems occur after root canal treatment, you may need to meet with your dentist again to determine whether or not further work needs to be done.


No one wants to have a root canal, but when you need one you want it done RIGHT! DentArtistry offers top quality dental services and has an extensive history in performing root canals. Our procedures are performed in an advanced setting, helping you be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Our highly accredited dental professionals place top priority on the quality of work and the comfort of our patients.

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