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Surgical Dentistry

Surgical dentistry is involved with the surgical management and treatment of teeth and the surrounding jaw bones.

The surgical procedures that are most commonly carried out in our clinic are as follows:

  • Extraction of failing or broken-down teeth

  • Removal of retained roots

  • Surgical removal of 3rd molars (wisdom teeth), including the complex and impacted ones

  • Surgical root surgery (apicectomy)

  • Implant placement and the associated bone grafting and soft tissue management

Surgical removal of the teeth carefully and meticulously will result in bone preservation which is needed for simultaneous or future implant placements.

Surgical procedures carried out by our experienced dental surgeons are done quickly and efficiently to make the procedure as easy for patients as possible. The surgeon’s experience coupled with the use of special microsurgical instruments means that even complex situations can be handled using minimally invasive techniques in order to minimize post-operative discomfort for patients. These procedures help to optimize healing and to preserve bone volume if future implant placement is planned to replace teeth.

Re-implant reconstruction prior to removal of impacted tooth and roots, to be followed by sinus grafting. Patients can be understandably very nervous about having their teeth removed and in some cases, intravenous sedation is a good option. Sedation relieves anxiety and often there is no recollection of the procedure thus making the surgery a less traumatic experience and it is the ideal choice if you feel nervous.

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